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App of the week: AirDroid


We always have some tasks to do by connecting our desktop and phone. Sometimes to copy the photos or music or like that. But it’s a bit time taking to use a USB cable,or connecting via bluetooth. AirDroid is an application by which you can wirelessly manage and control your Android device from a web browser Over-The-Air. Its fast too.

AirDroid login screen

AirDroid start screen


AirDroid is provided with a variety of features. The first one is file management. You can transfer your files between Android devices and computers. And also you can cut, copy, paste, search, rename or delete files on the SD card. Another feature is SMS. SMS messages can be read, send, forward or delete . Applications is one other feature by which you can install, uninstall, backup, search and batch process the applications in your phone from your computer.

AirDroid app list

Next feature is viewing the photos from desktop. Not only you can just view the photos but also you can preview, delete, import, export, set as wallpaper and slide show the photos in your phone. Sharing the clipboard text between desktop and device is also a feature supported by AirDroid.
AirDroid home screen
A most used feature is with music. You can play, search, import, export, delete, or set as phone call, notification and alarm ringtones. A similar feature is customizing ringtones. you can search, preview, import, export, delete and is and customize ringtones for phone calls, notification and alarm ringtones. Airdroid features your contacts too. Contacts in your phone can be grouped, searched, created, checked and delete call logs.

AirDroid also comes with some inbuilt features. It includes device status, tasks manager, apps manager and files.
The device status feature provides the Real-time ROM, SD Card, Battery, CPU and RAM status report & monitor with charts to demonstrate available/used/total resources, and one-tap memory boost. Task manager Kill or uninstall running apps, batch operation supported. Apps Manager’s task is to Uninstall, share or check details of user and system apps.
Files controls Cut, copy, rename, send/share, delete, sort and create visible or hidden folders and files.

AirDroid about device


To run AirDroid, a webbrowser and an Android device is needed. But not all Android devices and webbrowsers can’t run AirDroid. It should be compatible with most Android devices running Android 2.1 or later. The Web Desktop should be compatible with most modern web browsers, including Chrome 12 or later, Firefox 3.6 or later, Safari 5.0 or later (For best performance IE is not recommended).

Download from Android Market

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