App of the week: Any.Do


Any.Do is a to-do list that captures your tasks, organize, sync and share with your friends to get things done. It’s free, simple, effective and elegant. sort by date

To make a to-do-list we want to type on mobile keyboard, but Any.Do helps you out of this mess. It automatically predicts what you need to do. Using voice recognition, it captures the task on the go. input suggestion

You can organize these tasks to keep track of what you need to do, anytime, anywhere. The tasks can be dragged and dropped to plan your agenda or can sort tasks by date, folder or priorities.You could even set reminders for the things you must do. Notes can also be added to use them as sub-tasks. You can just swipe a task to mark it as complete and can be cleared from the list by shaking it. With one of Any.DO cool widgets you can check out your to-do’s from your home screen.

Any.Do sync with Google to have all your to-do’s in your inbox and Backup of your tasks can be taken on your SD card. You can personalize your list with your own theme (White or Black), Add, Edit and Delete task folders.

It also helps groups get things done, together (from collaborating on the grocery list with your spouse, planning your next vacation or syncing on an office project). Use Any.DO to ask for your friends, family and colleagues assistance (even if they don’t have the app). You will get notified when the shared task gets updated. It’s instant, intimate & simple.

The most important thing is to keep the most important thing – the most important thing. —

Any.DO’s developers are planning next versions to include sync to: Taskos to do list, Todo list, Todo, Task List, Remember the milk, gTasks, RTM, Producteev, Springpad, Catch, ColorNote Notepad Notes, Google Calendar, Astrid, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Any DO and more…

Download from Android Market

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