App of the week: Battery widget reborn


Battery widget reborn! is a simple, customizable app which shows informations related to your device’s battery in a beautiful user interface. It provides information such as current battery voltage, temperature and time when last charge was completed. The battery usage stats and charts is one of the important feature that shows the average long-term stats, and time remaining until battery is completely empty and complete battery history from battery charging to battery discharging.

An auto flight mode is also included in this widget to save battery life. Holo Themed user interface is another feature which runs on all phones and tablets with Android 2.3+. And all of that information is fronted by a simple resizable circular widget that makes widgets management easier. This widget is fully optimized for Ice Cream Sandwitch and Jelly Bean tablets, and it even includes a second battery indicator for Asus Transformer to display the dock’s battery status.

You can even display battery stats as an ongoing notification with different information – like percentage, remaining time, completed time, voltage, and temp – displayed in three defined areas.That’s fully customizable, too.


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