Installing ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy S Plus


ClockworkMod Recovery is a custom recovery and is an important tool to have installed on any Android device. Not only is it crucial in most custom ROM installations; it is also very useful if you’re in need of general operating system utilities, such as making a back-up of your existing settings, data, or even the operating system itself.
This guide shows you how to flash ClockworkMod Recovery for the Galaxy S Plus I9001.


The instructions in this guide are intended for use with the Samsung Galaxy S Plus, model number GT-I9001. Applying these instructions on another device or model may produce undesired outcomes. Use these instructions at your own risk. We shall not hold any responsibility or liability for whatever happens to you or your device arising from your use of the info in this guide. Read and understand the whole guide first before actually performing the instructions.


  • A Windows PC
  • USB drivers installed on the PC. You may install the drivers by installing Samsung Kies.
  • Download the following files to your computer:
  • Make sure your device’s battery still has at least 70% power. You don’t want the device to shut down in the middle of the procedure.


  1. Turn off the phone and make sure it is disconnected from the PC.
  2. Boot the phone into Download Mode. To do so, press and hold down the Volume Down, Home, and Power buttons until the screen turns on and an Android icon in yellow appears.
  3. Double-click Odin3 v4.43.exe to open Odin on your PC.
  4. Connect the tablet to your PC. You should see a message that says “Added” in Odin. If not, there might be a problem with your drivers.
  5. Click the PDA button and select the recovery-clockwork- file.
  6. Click on the OPS button and select the AriesVE.ops file.
  7. Click the Start button to begin installation.  Once installation is done, you should see a PASS message. You’re now free to unplug the phone from the PC.

Excellent! You’ve flashed ClockworkMod Recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT- I9001.

Various CWM Recoveries

  • CWM6014-TOUCH-CM9-recovery (touch)
  • CWM6013-CM9-recovery (Use Power key to select)
  • Old CWM version: CWM5504-CM9-recovery (Use Home button to select)
  • Reference: XDA-Developers

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    1. I have a question, if I input the PDA file before the OPS file, the message in the PDA rectangle goes back to NONE. Is that really the correct order of choosing the files? Please reply ASAP because I am contemplating on flashing my rom.

    2. yes. when you open Odin PDA selection button is not active. You can see only OPS button is active. So you must select Ops file first. Then only you need to select PDA file. That is the correct order.

    3. i m facing a problem that when I installed this recovery my cell phone keeps on rebooting to the recovery mode nothing more help me out

    4. What do i do if de Odin says that the PDA file image type is invalid?

    5. How long does this procedure normally take ??

    6. Installed cwm. phone keeps on going in recovery mode. Yes, i did get the PASS message in Odin. HELP!! have i bricked it?

    7. Hello to everyone. I have i9001 and i installed CWM6013-CM9-recovery non touch. BUT the power key isnt working. How can i flash working recovery plz ? Many thanks for advice 🙂

    8. How does the reset timeout option affect anything in Odin 4.43? Does it matter if I change the value to something other than 300 s?

    9. Why cant i see the ”added” msg ?? my drivers are fine!

    10. I rooted my phone months back. installed ics in it.
      one day by mistake i put it into recovery. now it is not comming out of recovery

    11. ok. my phone gets an “added” msg in odin v 1.85. there is no ops option. now?

    12. You don’t say – personally my thoughts regarding this blog post is somewhat thought provoking and the reason for that is I am using Odin 3.07. What I liked best in this blog post is My PDA Button is always in disabled state. The readers here conclude this is some issue when we use Odin 3.07 with Windows 8.1. Can you assist?.

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