Install CyanogenMod 9.1 in 2011 Xperia devices


After unlocking bootloader people might install ClockWorkMod recovery, connecting mobile to PC and eventually they would end up seeing STATUS 7 error while installing from SD card. Now we are trying to nullify this status 7 error and with a new bootloader installed (here we are going to flash a new kernel from CM9.1 zip file(boot.img) and only via this method you will be able to install CM9.1 or anyother CM updates  installed in your smartphone.Backup all your data before doing a clean install of any ROM.


  1. Zip file of CM9.1 or any other versions of CM
  2. Unlocked Bootloader
  3. Zip file
  4. Battery fully charged (or atleast minimum 30%)
  5. Gapps ICS Version(Since there wont be stock google apps in CyanogenMod, you need to flash seperately)

Now extract the files to a folder and enter fastboot directory, also extract your CyanogenMod zip file and extract the boot.img file to fastboot directory.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Right Click and type in the following (You should enter in fastboot mode) 

  1. fastboot devices (and your device would be listed)
  2. fastboot flash boot boot.img(and you will see bootloader being installed)
  3. fastboot reboot

and you are done 🙂

Now while switching on, you might see the new bootloader image with Free Xperia Project, press volume down button to goto CWM and before installing from zip, do the following (To move use Volume buttons and select using Home button)

  1. Select and confirm “Wipe data/factory reset”
  2. Select and confirm “Wipe cache partition”
  3. “Advanced”-> “Wipe Dalvik Cache” and after all these

Select Install from zip and select CM9.1 zip file from your SD Card and flash Gapps also like this.

Now select reboot and enjoy all new CM9.1 \m/

Summary of what we have done

Since stock kernels doesnt allow installation of Custom roms,we are flashing bootloader as well as the kernel and CWM is prebuilt inside.Now you wont be able to see Sony Xperia logo after this update,but you will get a lotta capabilities after doing a clean sweep and fresh install of CM9.1.

After installation you could easily overclock your device to 1.6Ghz and no serious issues have reported so far.

Author: Hazil A M

Hello, I have been using Xperia Ray for a couple of months and i am interested digging in more about Android OS and modifying firmwares.


  1. This works! I would only add, that “Press Ctrl+Shift+Right Click and type in the following” is the same as SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK – OPEN COMMAND WINDOW HERE
    Thanks a lot for this thread, it took me 2 days to set up my Xperia Ray like i wanted to! 🙂 Greetings from Slovenia

    • i am a very new user of android.. i would b frateful if you can tell me how to open the fastboot directory…
      thanks in advance :p

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