Android Market on HCL Me tablet

Install Android Market in HCL Me Series Tablets X1, AE7-A1 and AM7-A1


HCL Me Series tablets are one of the cheap tablets available in the market. One dis-advantage everyone saying is this tablet does not have Android Market, instead it is having a custom HCL market. What users dont know is installing Android Market in your device is very easy because your device is already rooted. Yeah ROOTED!!. You can also install any app which need root permissions. There are lots of necessary, useful applications in that list go check them out at market.

Android Market on HCL Me tablet

To install android market in your HCL Me tablet, you need to have adb installed and configured on your system. (We’ve already covered that in one of our previous post, here. If you are in windows, you need to have necessary drivers for your device, which we don’t know where to get it. So we recommend using adb for this device on any GNU/Linux system.)

To install market, follow the steps.

  1. Connect your device using USB cable.
  2. Open terminal and type “adb devices” and confirm that your device recognized on adb.
  3. Download latest Android Market, from here . Or you can download latest g-apps zip. and extract the contents (apps will be at folder system/app/Vending.apk).
  4. adb push /system/app/Vending.apk (This will copy market apk file to your device)
  5. Reboot.
  6. Done!. Login with your gmail account to get market access.

If your device don’t have any other google standard apps (like gtalk), copy the necessary file from the g-app zip file to /system/app folder on your device.

Android Market Settings on HCL Me tablet


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  6. try downloading a google play apk file for market and run it.  Use this to download a launcher viz. go launcher.  The launcher will come with google play.  Hope this helps…

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    • Please try the same method. Am not sure whether it will work or not, because I don’t have a device! but doing this wont make any problem!

  16. where do i need to write the adb
    i mean in what terminal

    • Terminal in GNU/Linux or command prompt in Windows. For that, you need to install adb first. You can download it from android’s website.

  17. I’ve me am7-a1 i can’t charge my tablet while using wid laptop. I can’t download application from play store by google play n android market..plz give me a solution!!

  18. Hi, I recently bricked my HCL Me Y2 tablet. I can only access the recovery console. But I don’t have file to update (correct) my stock ROM. So it ‘d be very greatful if someone backed up the stock ROM and upload it… Plz…..

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  38. dear rizza, first of all need to root the tablet, just search for it in google, you will get it. i have google play installed on my tablet and its working fine

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