How to Unlock Bootloader of 2011 Xperia smartphones

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In the previous posts which i have mentioned about rooting,one may get confused thinking how can they install custom Roms like CyanogenMode and Muvi in their smart phone.With a locked bootloader, one cannot install CM or Muvi either.To gain power over bootloader one should unlock it and it is very simple.

Now this is the most simple and easy way to get ye bootloader unlocked,altogether you need to download 20MB file and you are done doing small simple steps

Download Files for Fastboot

  1. Extract the file to a new folder naming say Unlock.(Do it neatly as you wont get confused while entering into CMD)
  2. Go to (We will do the unlocking in the official way)
  3. Read the instructions carefully and click Continue/Proceed whatever they ask,note down ye IMEI (The place where the website ask to paste it,enter in exactly first 14 digits,not 15digits) and after submitting ye Name, IMEI and mail click Submit and note down the code they produce(Copy that in a notepad)
  4. Enter in fastboot mode(Press Volume up and connect USB cable simultaneously and blue light should come up,otherwise something has gone wrong)
  5. Go to fastboot directory and Ctrl+Shift+Right Click
  6. Type in
    fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version and hit enter
  7. Type in
    fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x
    (with your code that you have already copied in notepad) and hit Enter
  8. You are done \m/

Note: Official method says about installing latest Android SDK package which is of  more than 60MB and this method will do evrything within 20MB via downloading the file which I mentioned at the beginning

Author: Hazil A M

Hello, I have been using Xperia Ray for a couple of months and i am interested digging in more about Android OS and modifying firmwares.

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