Malayalam Font for ICS

Install Malayalam font on android


Even after the release of new version of android, android developers still haven’t yet fixed complex script rendering or Malayalam language support. Here is one patch which will install Malayalam font Meera on any Ice Cream Sandwich based ROM.

Malayalam Font for ICS

Swathanthra Malayalam Computing website after installing patch

Google Home page in malayalam

Google home page in malayalam after installing patch

To install this patch, download the zip file and flash it using ClockWorkMod recovery or any other recovery which you use.

Please note that this patch only adds malayalam font to android. It wont fix the rendering issue. You can read texts on Malayalam, but it may not be in perfect rendering form.

Change Log:

  • version 0.1
  • * Initial release

  • version 0.2
  • * changed system mounting to busybox for multiple device support. earlier it was supporting only ext4.

For Android 2.3 or less


To type Malayalam in android, you can use Varamozhi app by Jeesmon Jacob. It is available in Google Play Store.

If you have any suggestion, or require any other font. Please comment below.

UPDATE: Added <=2.3 package.


  1. pls help me to get malayalam font for s2 gingerbread 2.3.5, thanks!

  2. dear i need for my HTC sensation XE 

    official updated ICS with Sense 3.5

  3. Does this patch work on Cyanogenmod ROM 9?, Please help for other font as well. I would like to get Kannada font enabled same way. 

    • Yes. It will work on CM9. Please specify which font you usually use in Kannada. 

      • Kannada font is “Tunga.ttf”
        Telugu font is “Vani.ttf”

        If you are too busy to generate similar patches, please could you mention the logic behind the “updater.script” file? Or point towards a page wherein the internal working is specified? Also how the xml.p file is generated…

        I think my scripting knowledge would be good enough to get this working. Thanks in advance!

        – Gaggy

        (Running CM9 4.0.4 KonstaKANG on ZTE Blade Gen2)

  4. Latest Samsung roms for Galaxy Ace has complex Script rendering (XXKPT)

  5. my phone is gionee gpad how can i install the zip file/…and how can it be done,,please reply

  6. Pls help me to get malayalam font for Sony Xperia android 4.04

  7. I am using xperia ion , i can’t see malayalam text in facebook …. how i can solve this problem

  8. I want to browse in malayalam in HTC android phone

  9. Can I type in notepad of android tablets using panchari font?

  10. clock recovery ennu vechal entha

  11. I am using MICROMAX A92 (JELLY BEAN) , i can’t see malayalam text in facebook …. how i can solve this problem

  12. COBY Tab android 3ngwne Malayalam engane kitum?

  13. Msd7 androidil malayalam engane kittum

  14. Mine is a Gionee Gpad G2. I’m unable to read Malayalam letters even though I’ve installed Multilingual keyboard and Malayalam font plugin on my phone. Interestingly, I can type Malayalam messages (but can’t see it from my end) and the recipient can read it in Malayalam as well….. The same apps that when I transferred them on to my friend’s Gionee E3, it works perfectly….. I also noticed the same issue on a Sony Experia too!!!

    Can someone help me with it? Please note down the procedures for solving this out……


  15. works , some letters are displayed not properly

  16. My phone Android 2.3 videocon a10.not supported malayalam.this phone not rooted

  17. I cant see malayalam text msg

  18. I cant read malayalam in my android lg L9 phone

  19. How to read malayalam in alkatel one touch flash

  20. How to read and write Malayalam in HTC jet stream tab

  21. am using micromax canvas A88, have 4.1.1 android version, in this watsap cannot read the malayal;am font ,…..s can u help me..?

  22. I am using an iball tab. I cannot read or write malayalam

  23. prestiogo PAP4044DUO android 4.1.1 i cant read malayalam font..please help

  24. My sony xperia s23i model mobile phone can’t see malayalam words, pls help me

  25. pls Help me…. MY OS Version 2.3.5 HTC Desire HD A919. cant read malayalam fonts.

  26. lots of malayalam software Installed like Varamozhi,etc. But not worked

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